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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How to Pick a Price Per Head Provider

Featuring Dalton Wagner, Founder V.O. Group, S.A.

The number of Price Per Head providers has grown exponentially over the last twelve months with entrants to the marketplace almost daily. With so many choices, the big question is: “How do I know which Price Per Head provider or sports book to choose?”

When evaluating an offshore operation, it is often difficult to sort through the facts, for this reason, you must rely on the following to make a sound choice:

Years In Business: Make sure you choose a Price Per Head operator that has been in business for at least 6 years. A proven track record is a must. You can not afford to risk your clients or your sports season to a fly by night operator or ‘wanna be’ operator. Avoid new sportsbooks. Avoid anyone with an unreasonably low price (<$25/head/week) who may be attempting to gain entry into the market (sign of a new company).

Dalton Wagner Commentary: I invented the concept of PPH in 1999. I have the largest economies of scale and I write more PPH clients than anyone offshore. And, this is in addition to my sportsbook business, my casino business, my racebook business and my poker business. The fact is I make very little money at $25/head/week. It scares me to see new operators entering the market with prices as low as $25. I can tell you that unless they are writing over 15,000 head, they can not make it. Let me re-phrase that…if they are quoting prices as low as $25/head/week there is no way that they have enough employees to service an agent, there is no way they have tri-dundant phone service, there is no way they have tri-dundant internet service – in short, there is no way they can service an agent’s business well enough to help the agent grow. Secondly, PPH companies will lie to you about their company’s age. You must be able to verify the companies age. This is a must. Use Internic, use, and use You must verify the facts.

Location: Check to make sure that the PPH provider you will outsource your clients to is licensed and legally able to service clients world-wide.

Dalton Wagner Commentary: There are only two locations that we know of that allow the outsourcing of bookmaking. The two locations are Costa Rica and Panama. The UK and Dutch Antilles to NOT allow this activity in their licenses. The only one you can trust at the current time is Costa Rica (as evidenced by the recent blow up of in Panama).

Reputation/Integrity: One of the best ways to make sure that your clients and your business will be safe with a provider is by checking their reputation. Use verifiable and known sources of information like the Off Shore Gaming Association, The Prescription, Bettors World, etc.

Dalton Wagner Commentary: If your outsourcing your business to someone, you expect them to treat it as their own. The person accepting the outsourcing better have a reputation as strong as or stronger than yours. This is the only way you should trust your business to them. One additional note, if the PPH Company also has a post-up division, check the reputation of the post-up side of the company. This will tell you volumes about the company. Rather, if the PPH company is tied to a loser post-up sportsbook or one that has a negative reputation, you know what to expect for your clients.

Service and Offerings: Reputable PPH companies are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. They offer quarter lines, half time lines, game lines, money lines, propositions, multiple casinos, horse betting, and more. You are outsourcing to better service your clients – therefore service is one of the key deciding factors on who to go with.

Dalton Wagner Commentary: Simply put, the more accessible the service is and the more wagering options that exist, the more money the agent will make. You should consider the service mentioned above to be the minimum acceptable. Rather, if they have one casino – you should NOT work with them. If they do not have horses – you should NOT work with them. If they are not open 24-hours a day – you should NOT work with them, PERIOD!

Security: A PPH company must have safeguards and must keep your information and clients secure and anonymous If the company you are considering is publicly held, then your security is compromised (it CAN BE accessed via the government). If the company you are considering has integrity issues, you can assume your data will be passed on to the wrong people.

Dalton Wagner Commentary: Security is the ultimate issue. Our company has had the opportunity to be purchased or taken public on multiple occasions. We decided not to do so because it would put our clients/agents/bookmakers in a compromised situation. Partner agents and bookmakers use our service because our integrity and the security of their data is complete.

Additional Information on a Price Per Head Agency Relationship (also known as outsourcing, outsourced bookmaking, sportsbook agent, sportsbook service, call center outsourcing, etc.):

The concept of Price Per Head Agency or Outsourcing Bookmaking to an Offshore Sports book has become popular recently. By using software written by offshore sports books, agents or illegal credit bookmakers have the ability to outsource the writing of their business to companies like (owned by V.O. Group, S.A. one of the largest and most respected offshore operators in the world – contact is 1-877-512-1001). Therefore, the agent or bookmaker simply points their clients to a phone number and/or website and allows them to bet with a simple Pin/Password system. The agent or bookmaker then pulls reports at the end of the week, and pays or collects what the client won or lost. The only money that trades hands between the agent or bookmaker and the service provider is a simple Price Per Head service fee.

Obvious benefits of the Price Per Head Agency relationship are (i) improved earning potential for the agent, (ii) decreased legal exposure for the agent, (iii) increased customer service for the agent’s clients, and (iv) ability for the agent to do something other than answer wagering calls (they actually get time to enjoy the money they are earning).

Dalton Wagner’s commentary is found throughout the above. Mr. Wagner has the reputation of being the most innovative operator in offshore gaming and the largest Price Per Head operator offshore. His most recent innovation has allowed small sportsbooks to outsource their complete operation to V.O. Group, S.A. while focusing completely on marketing. With formidable competition, Mr. Wagner founded V.O. Group, S.A. in 1998. While most companies formed that late failed, V.O. Group, S.A. has become one of the top 10 operators offshore (as measured by AnteUp; Gambling Online Magazine; Poker Player Magazine; and Many other Publications).


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