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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Benefits of Price Per Head (PPH) Exploration & Quantification

Q & A with
Dalton Wagner, Founder V.O. Group, S.A.

Dalton Wagner, Proprietor of V.O. Group, S.A. has found a great deal of success by tripling his bottom line profit numbers with the addition of what has been called the Greatest Price Per Head Offering online. While his Board of Directors and Investors are thrilled, we wanted more than vague statements – we wanted facts. We recently caught up with Dalton in San Juan, Puerto Rico while he was on vacation at El Conquistador Hotel and Resort. Our goal was to Explore and Quantify the actual benefits that a Price Per Head (PPH) Agency Relationship offers the bookmaker, agent or entrepreneur.

As Founder and Proprietor of V.O. Group, S.A., Dalton Wagner has survived multiple buyout attempts and maintains one of the largest privately held offshore gaming companies in the industry. While the rest of the industry is going public and being required to provide more and more information in a public format, Mr. Wagner’s privately held company is a favorite associate and partner for bookmakers and agents onshore. Privacy is one thing you never have to worry about when dealing with Dalton and V.O. Group, S.A. With formidable competition, Mr. Wagner founded V.O. Group, S.A. in 1998. While most companies formed that late failed, V.O. Group, S.A. has become one of the top 10 most admired offshore companies (as measured by Online Gambling Magazine; Post-Up Newsletter; Offshore Operator Industry Magazine; and Many other Publications).

The Offshore Operator: We have heard about all of the success you have found with the best Price Per Head (PPH) offering in the offshore gambling industry. However, we are not hearing actual numbers. Can you tell us how many clients you are now writing business for?
Dalton Wagner: As you know, the answer really depends on the season you are speaking about. In football season, we are now writing about 7,500 PPH clients a week (7,500 clients of our partner agents which outsourced the writing of their bets via our service and software). And, in baseball season we have historically written only half of that number. But, there is a very favorable trend occurring for our Agent and Bookmaker Partners. Since the addition of our Horse Wagering at over 300+ tracks and Two Casino Platforms with over 35 games, we are now seeing an increasing number of clients playing year-round. This, as you know, makes our Agent and Bookmaker Partners very, very happy.

The Offshore Operator: 7,500 PPH clients clearly makes you the largest PPH provider offshore. What do you attribute your success to?
Dalton Wagner: I am not sure we can find one distinct reason for our success. But, I can tell you what our Agent and Bookmaker Partners tell us. On average an Agent or Bookmaker partner doubles his revenue when he switches his clients to our service. The reason for this is access to 24-hour wagering online or via our call center, about 700% more wagering options when you look at our period wagering and propositions, and the addition of two casinos and horses has not hurt either. So, if you are a bookmaker or agent making $200k a year, you can reasonably expect to make $400k a year using our service. It is virtually guaranteed.

The Offshore Operator: Dalton, you are famous for making that kind of statement. But, can you back it up with quantifiable numbers?
Dalton Wagner: Absolutely I can. Ask me what you would like.

The Offshore Operator: OK. Let’s start with examples of how you can guarantee a 200% increase in earnings for Partner bookmakers or agents?
Dalton Wagner: Easy enough. In the United States, Mexico and Canada the typical credit bookmaker offers lines on games and totals. Sometimes they offer money lines too – but, rarely. And, these same bookmakers do not offer period betting or propositions. Furthermore, they take wagers only over the phone and only 2-4 hours a day. If you use our Price Per Head Software, you offer spreads, money lines, totals, half-time spreads, half-time money lines, half-time totals, quarter lines, propositions, and we allow access to betting 24-hours a day; 7-days a week; 365 days a year. In summary, I can safely say we offer 600% of the access time a normal credit bookmaker would provide as we are opened 24 hours compared to 4 hours. And, I can safely say we offer 700% more wagering options. These increases of 600% in access and 700% in wagering options easily equate to 200% more revenue for the partner bookmaker or agent.

The Offshore Operator: I understand, but I don’t necessarily agree. For example, if I am a credit bettor and I have $200 to lose, does it matter that I can access your site 24-hours a day?
Dalton Wagner: That question shows that you are not a bookmaker or agent. The reason is, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. If you compare a post-up client to a credit client, the credit client will typically lose 3-5x what the post-up client will. The reason is access. If you give a client access to credit, and access to use the credit, he will use it. Heck, forget about that example…if you are married and your wife has a credit card, you know that. The fact is as you allow more access to betting options and credit, the client will lose more. And, my current partner bookmakers and agents report to me that they typically double their earnings within weeks after joining my service.

The Offshore Operator: OK. That makes more sense to me. How about the casino, how does that affect the partner bookmaker or agents earnings?
Dalton Wagner: The online casino is relatively new to partner bookmakers and agents. The fact is that in the past, agents were scared to open up their clients to online casinos. The reason is that when clients lose in sports – they know they were treated fairly. However, when they lose in an online casino, for some reason their first reaction is “I was cheated”. However, as integrity in online gaming has risen over the years, so has trust in online casinos. For this reason, you are starting to see partner agents and bookmakers open their clients up to our two online casinos. And, boy, when they do – they are very happily surprised. An online casino allows wagering 24-hours a day. This means revenue potential for the agent or bookmaker 24-hours a day. It’s nice to run your reports in the morning and realize you made an extra $20,000 while you were sleeping! We estimate that when a partner agent or bookmaker opens up his clients to our casino, they will make an extra 15%-20% a year. This is purely earned off casino winnings.

The Offshore Operator: Fifteen to Twenty percent a year is nothing to laugh at. What about the horses?
Dalton Wagner: The horse product we have offers 300+ tracks including harness, thoroughbred and dogs. It is not just horses. Typically when the partner bookmaker or agent opens it up, adoption is slow. But, people who bet horses and dogs, love to bet horses and dogs. It is not rare to see a client who likes the ponies to double his daily action. And, as any bookmaker knows, in sports you hope to hold 6% on turnover. Well, in horses you hope to hold 20%. The difference in expected hold is where the value is in horses.

The Offshore Operator: Wow! So, having all the offerings really does matter doesn’t it?
Dalton Wagner: What I am selling is access – pure and simple. My goal is to take a partner agent or bookmakers clients and put them in the candy store 24-hours a day surrounded by all of their favorite treats. And, as you know, when any of us are put in that situation, we will indulge. And, they do.

The Offshore Operator: Have you ever had anyone become a partner Agent or Bookmaker and leave because they did not like what you had to offer?
Dalton Wagner: That is a very interesting question. The fact is, and I should have used this in the past know that I think about it, the answer is NO. As a matter of fact, every single person to use our service or try our service has been with us since initiating trial. We really are, without exaggeration, at 100%. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

The Offshore Operator: How could you not have known that?
Dalton Wagner: Embarrassingly, I never thought about it. I have always said “try it, you’ll love it”. But, I guess I never looked at the quantifiable fact – NOBODY HAS EVER TRIED OUR SERVICE AND LEFT OUR SERVICE they’re clients love it, the agents love it, and the agents make more than ever before – so they stay around!

The Offshore Operator: So how does a bookmaker or agent learn more about this profitable product?
Dalton Wagner: Simply go to any of the V.O. Group, S.A. sites to learn more. I suggest starting at or calling 1-877-512-1001 or emailing to get more information. V.O. Group, S.A. sites include;;;; etc.


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